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January 11th, 2017 ‘The Acetate’ is officially available.

The Acetate album is now available for purchase in our  MUSIC STORE.

The Rare Acetate “Going Nowhere” in very Limited Vinyl Release

Tramp Records are very pleased to announce a very limited release of the original 1971 recording ‘Going Nowhere‘ by ‘Your Friend Spyk‘, or sometimes known as the ‘Acetate‘ album.  This was the first recording from the van Spyk/Friend partnership and was limited to a total of four (4) acetate copies; one copy for each of the contributing musicians. One (1) of the originals were hawked around to the recording companies and music publishers and is believed to have ended up in the hands of a collector.  We had the great good fortune to get access to a very near mint copy of this rare recording and have now decided to release a very limited vinyl issue of the original recording. The release will be strictly limited to two hundred and fifty (250) vinyl albums and five hundred (500) CD’s.  So that the vinyl collectors can keep their vinyl record investment in good condition, each vinyl album will be sold with a free copy of the CD version. This will mean that only two hundred and fifty (250) CD’s are available for sale to the public.



Front cover “The Acetate” 2016

The Acetate . . .

Was originally recorded in 1971. This often ‘bootlegged’ recording  was the first album written, and recorded, by Rob Van Spyk and Terry Friend, titled  ‘Going Nowhere‘ by ‘Your Friend Spyk‘. And now re titled as  ‘The Acetate’ by Van Spyk and Friend’.


Album label “The Acetate” Side One 2016

Originally produced as purely a demo recording,”The Acetate” was recorded in a very short period of time in quite a primitive recording studio in Henlow, Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom. Recorded in straight takes the final product is sparse and raw whilst the instrumentation and arrangements are simple with out the complications of an over produced presentation.


Rear Cover “The Acetate” 2016

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2 thoughts on “Acetate Album Limited Vinyl Release

  1. fantasy0807 says:

    Could you tell me when this vinyl LP will be released ?
    Where should I order it ?
    And how much do you want to sell an exemplary of the vinyl (with a free copy of the CD) ?
    Greetings from Belgium.
    Etienne Reyser

    1. Stoned says:

      Hello fantasy0807,
      We hope to get the vinyl copies in the next couple of weeks and it will
      be for sale directly from this site. We are still working out the price
      for both products.

      If your interested in further information once the product is available
      please feel free to contact me at:
      And I’ll add your name to our early bird list.

      Thank you for your interest.

      Rob van Spyk

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