Garbage Drama – Going Nowhere

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Garbage Drama from the ‘Going Nowhere’ album – Written by Rob van Spyk

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I wrote ‘Garbage Drama‘ in 1971 as the lead in track for our demo acetate Going Nowhere.

The track was recorded in 1971 at the ‘True Sound’ Studios in Henlow, Bedfordshire. Read by Marion Green, who was my girlfriend at the time and has remained a good friend till this day. Her voice was perfect for the reading and she read it with perfect delivery and it was a great intro to the rest of the tracks on the recording.

  • Garbage Drama

‘Going Nowhere’ was only produced as an Acetate and a total of four copies were engraved for demonstration purposes only.  We have decided to release the album as a very limited vinyl ( 140 gram.) edition of two hundred and fifty (250). The release date is estimated to be during the second week of December 2016. Each vinyl record will be accompanied with a limited edition CD and even though the CD will be a detailed ‘replica’ of side one (1) of the vinyl release, it will include all the tracks on the vinyl album. There will be a total of five hundred (500) copies of the limited edition CD’s manufactured of which two hundred and fifty (250) will be allotted to the vinyl release.

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