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Lady of the East Video

Stonefield Tramp Tranparent

Lady of the East – ‘Going Nowhere’ 1971 – ‘The Acetate’ 2016

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One of the songs that Rob and Terry included on the acetate demo, ‘Going Nowhere’ recorded during Easter in 1971...

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Overdue reunion

Long overdue  . . .

During the first few weeks of June 2017 I traveled back to England to introduce my family to the beautiful English country side, the historic sites, a few stately homes and, of course, to my remaining family and friends who stil...

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The Acetate – Reviews

Reviews and comments.

Several reviews and comments have been received from listeners of the limited vinyl issue of the album ‘The Acetate’ and are listed below:


Etienne Reyser from Belgium

“Hi Rob,
I received my exe...

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Garbage Drama – Going Nowhere

Garbage Drama from the ‘Going Nowhere’ album – Written by Rob van Spyk

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I wrote ‘Garbage Drama‘ in 1971 as the lead in track for our demo acetate Going Nowhere.

The track was rec...

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